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NI Motion Plugin on Windows 11?

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Hello everyone,


I just found that NI Motion is not compatible with Windows 11. I am running a system with many motors controlled via PXI-7350 and UMI-7774, that I would like to control.


Is there any way to do this using Windows 11?




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NI-Motion was discontinued and the last release was LabVIEW 2018. So unfortunately, there is no supported way to use it in Windows 11.

You can still try to install LabVIEW 2018 and NI-Motion 18 in Windows 11, but not supported (not validated) hence not guaranteed to work correctly.

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Accepted by topic author derbengale

It's not officially supported.


We have used it in Windows 11 and LabVIEW 2021 SP1 on a few projects with minor issues. There might be larger issues we didn't come across. But it does work, and has been working for almost a year for those projects. Note that its working on both an unsupported OS, and an unsupported LabVIEW version as well, since 2018 was the last official version.


One of the minor issues was just that the configuration in NI Max wasn't always the smoothest experience. I don't know whether that was a Windows 11 thing or what. But that issue did not hold any of the code back from running and doing what it should.

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