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NI-Industrial Communication IEC 61850

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Using send request(blocking).vi it is not possible to update data belonging to setting group (SG) functional constraint. Please suggest a way to update the parameters in the setting group.

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Is this question related to LabVIEW?

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It helps when you attach a link or include other information that tells us what you are talking about.  I suggest adding a bit more information to your post explaining why what you are trying to do is "not possible".  Perhaps even attach the VI that you are working with and demonstrates your problem.

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Is the VI you're talking about MMS -> Data IO -> Send Request (Blocking).vi?


What happens when you try the non-blocking version (e.g. Send


Are you wiring 1 into the 'request type' input of the VI? (to specify a write operation)

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Yeah... I'm talking about that VI. The request type is connected to 1. As you suggested, I tried using the non-blocking version. But the problem remains the same.

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What's the meaning of the "setting group" that you said? Do you refer to the data with "struct" type? Like the "origin" which locates in P1->L1->LLN0->Mod->origin.

And could you please send your VI to me?





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Hope you know the IEC61850 standard. The setting group (SG) is one of the functional constraints(FC). An FC is used to filter the data attributes of data objects contained in a logical node. If you are referring to the sample scl file provided with the example, you can't find the SG functional constraint there. I am communicating with a real IED. Anyway I will attach my VI below.

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Accepted by topic author ajazhameed



SG cannot be suppport by IEC 61850 toolkit. To validate, you can import the SCL file into Create and get the SCL parsing information. You can find the notes said the SG cannot be support.





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