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NI IMAQ - Windows 7 64bit



I wonder if anyone can shed light on a error we are experiencing. We are running pretty old NI IMAQ-1411 Image acquisiton devices on windows 7 64bit.

We have install the very latest driver package from NI, i think dated Feb 2015. And also flashed the bios of the dell optiplex 7010 to the latest version. a20.

Every 2-3 days the PC will BSOD whilst acquiring images.


BSOD indicates its the niimaqk.sys driver being the culprit. I have attached the mini dump, any ideas?


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Maybe there's a bug (horrors!) in your code?  You say that it crashes after several days of running, which implies that things basically work, but somewhere along the line, a conflict arises.  I have no idea how to read dump files, so I didn't even try.  What are you doing?  Are you continually displaying video images?  At what rate?  Are you saving videos to disk?  How much data?  Could you be seeing an interaction between some Windows task (Virus scan, Updates, etc.) "starving" your PC from resources?  Could it be an "out-of-memory" problem?



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Hi TomDaley, 


Bob_Schor, has asked some very vital questions to troubleshoot this problem further. If you could provide us answers to those maybe we can try to get to the bottom of this issue. 


Also, have you ever had this issue before or have started experiecing this issue recently? If the latter is the case, what are the changes in software and (maybe also hardware?) that you have made?



Shazil M.
Applications Engineer
National Instruments UK & Ireland
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Hi Tom, 


I was wondering if you ever got this error resolved and what your solution was? The same thing happens on my computer (Windows 7) on startup with IMAQ versions 17.5 and older. 



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