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NI-DAQmx and/or using a USB 6008 with LabView 2021 for macOS

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I've just installed LabView 2021 Professional on my M1 MacBook Pro running macOS Monterey and  I cannot figure out how to communicate with my USB-6008 I/O module. Previously, I would install NI-DAQmx, however that doesn't seem to be available for macOS any longer (just Windows and Linux). Any help about getting my old USB-6008 to work would be greatly appreciated.

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Accepted by Prof.P

DAQmx uses kernel device drivers. And they can NOT run through Rosetta2 emulation so they need to be natively compiled for the ARM architecture of your M1 computer. And NI has not created such drivers yet (and it is questionable how fast they will get around to doing so).


Actually it is for quite some time very difficult to get any feedback from them about what they will do and not do, until they make a news release and set everyone up with completed facts.

Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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Thanks so much for your feedback, Rolf. I won't waste any more time trying to figure out a work-around and wait for an update.

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I'm not sure waiting around will work. To my knowledge, it has been a long time since NI-DAQmx has been available for MacOS (years). Despite more and more people using Macs, and Lab View being updated for Macs, I'm not sure NI will ever make MacOS drivers for their hardware (I really wish they would!). 

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