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NI DAQ with 48 DIO

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Hello everyone,


I am going to use NI PCIe-6323 for my system. The module has 48 DIOs. I am going to have 8 DI (port 1 8 channels) and 40 DO (port 0 32 channels + port 2 8 channels).

My concerns are about using 40 DO channels in the LabVIEW.


The best option from my architecture point of view to use 2 separate DO sessions (DAQ 2 Sessions.png).

But as far as I remember DAQ doesn't allow 2 sessions for the same type of channels. 

Though I have tried with simulated device and there was no error. 


The other option is to write with 1D boolean array. It is not be the best option but I have more confidence that it should work (DAQ 1 Session 40 channels.png).


Please comment or feel free to offer better approach if had any experience.


Thanks in advance.

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Accepted by topic author LevonSynvue

The limitation is only applicable if you use hardware-timed tasks with sample clock timing. See Number of Parallel DAQmx Tasks on NI Multifunction Devices

Your attached images show on-demand software-timed tasks. Whether you use one or multiple tasks for the DO lines makes no difference.

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