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LV2015: Failed to load dynamic librarty because of missing external symbols or dependencies etc

Hoping I can get some help with this. It's wrecking my brain and I can't find any solutions online.


I have created a vi on on laptop and now wish to put it on another laptop to run. The vi opens on my laptop and also a colleagues in LV2015 SP1 64 bit but on the target system (which also has LV2015 SP1 64 bit), I get this message when trying to open the vi: "LabVIEW: Failed to load dyanmic library because of missing external symbols or dependencies, or because of an invalid file format. The file 'Main Hot' could not be loaded."


This vi is an updated version of one that was previously working on the target laptop. The laptop had LV2011 installed which was able to open the old vi. When I installed 2015 on the target laptop, 2015 was able to open the old version of the code but not this updated version. I have made some alterations to the code but haven't added anything that I think would cause an issue. I used the same LV2015 installer on both laptops and they both have the same updates installed. Unfortunately, I cannot post up the code.


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I thought that the newer version could be calling a vi or .dll from our network library but even when I disconnect from the internet, I'm still able to open it on my laptop so I don't think that's the issue. Thanks.



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If possible please share your code let us try on our side as well.

The file doesn't seem to be corrupt since you can open it on your PC.

By the way.. how do you put this VI on target PC, I mean through network drive or usb stick?
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Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately, I cannot share the code as it is a confidential program we're working on. Apologies.


I transferred it to the target pc with a USB stick. But I used the same USB stick to transfer it to my colleagues pc and it worked on his system no problems at all. The target PC isn't on our network. Thanks again.

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Got it working by saving it as a LV2011 file on my own laptop and transferring it across. It's working fine on the taregt system now. Not sure what caused it but it's a fix.

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Good to hear that Gavin..

But in a mean while can you check that there are any DLL or .NET assemblies inside your code which might be causing the trouble and framework or DLL might be missing in traget PC with LV 2015

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