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NI 6221 problem


I have NI 62219 (37-pin, D-sub)and I used it to acquire 2 signals and send out 1 signal.I get this error always.
Could you please clarify this for me. I use traditional DAQMX in Labview 8.0.

"An attempt has been made to perform a route when the source & the destination are the same terminal".

Are there any examples in acquiring 2 analog inputs and sending out 1 analog output simultaneously?

I really appreciate if somebody could help me.

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Hi buruwa,
This error is usually given when you are trying to do switching.  Are you trying to do any switching in your application?
An example that performs analog input and output for the 6221 is Mult-Function-Sync  Look for it in the NI Example Finder by going to help->find examples in labview.

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