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NI 5771 DIO example

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Anybody have an example programming the PFI and/or DIO ports on the 5771?  I am looking to output multiple TTL level pulses with various time skews on separate lines to trigger external components.


Thanks in advance,


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Hi Rich,


We don't have any shipping examples for the 5771 that make use of the DIO or PFI lines. In this case, your best resource would be the NI 5771 CLIP help, which should install on your machine with FAM support. If you look there, you can see that you'll need to set the write enable bit for the DIO ports/PFI lines accordingly, and beyond that you'd write to them like a standard FAM input/output. Make sure you're aware of the maximum update rate for the DIO lines (6.6 MHz - see here for more info).


For an example for a different FlexRIO Adapter Module which uses the DIO lines, I'd recommend looking at the NI 5752 Multi Record Digital Trigger shipping example. Let me know if you have any other questions about these lines and your application. 



Dan N

Applications Engineer

National Instruments 

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