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.NET Treeview checkbox problem



i use the .NET Treeview in my GUI.


Everything works fine besides:


- how to prgrammatically check/uncheck checkmarks?

- and how can is create chekboxes just for the childs and not for the parents? or the other way around, just not for all.


Sounds pretty simple but i just dont get it done 😕


I added a simple example.


I hope someone can help me :).

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I "updated" your VI to realize your "wishes" Smiley Happy


Hope this helps you to understand the methods and to use them for your real application.

Regards Chris

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thanks for your update 🙂


But i´m still missing on function:


just to have checkboxes in the parent node and no checkboxes in the children node.


Or the other way around.


I could checkmark all childrens when checking the Parent, but i just need checkboxes at the parent node at all.

So it looks a bit unlogic in my UI if the checkboxes of my childs dont do anything :D.


I looked for this function for a while now and just can´t find a solution 😕

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I know this discussion has gone idle but thought I would try my luck.  This is great for setting up the tree structure so that the user can interact with it, but how do I get the data out once the tree structure has been fully interacted with?  Ideally this tree structure serves the purpose of letting a user select some data, how can I find out which levels of the tree have been selected and which levels of the tree have been left unselected?



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I don't have experience with the .NET TreeView, but you would probably need to use the properties and methods to recursively get the data from all the nodes (basically get the Nodes property for the current node, get the count of that to know how many nodes there are, and then iterate over them using the get_Item method and get each node's data (text, tag, whatever) and child nodes. Then you would need to build it into a meaningful data structure.

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