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.NET Interop Assembly with LV Clusters



I verified the exact same behavior on my end. The only way to get both myCircle and mySquare to show up is changing the data types of one of the parameters. Type def, strict type def, none of that changed anything. I'm going to talk to someone in R&D and, depending on their response, we might end up logging this as a Corrective Action Request and looking at fixing this in a future release. No guarantee on that, but it's definitely strange and, from my perspective, not intended behavior.

Cassandra Longley
Senior Technical Support Engineer - FlexRIO, High Speed Serial and VRTS
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Hello from 03/2023 ! 


I could observe EXACTLY the same behaviour as described in this topic.

It seems not corrections were made on this issue yet... (i am working with LV2021 SP1).

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