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NEF image format in Labview


I need to load a NEF image into labview. NEF (Nikon Electronic Format) is Nikons own RAW image format.

Is there anybody who knows how to do it?



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Its not Free but if, you are getting paid less than 20$ for the time it would take you to write it yourself you are either a very fast programmer or seriously underpaid

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RAW/NEF isn't actually a picture - it's got all the ingredients for an image, but you have to "cook" it first.

Adjustments like levels, gamma, exposure, brightness/contrast, and color balance aren't actually applied yet. 


Apple has their "ImageIO" library that can deal with most RAW formats, Microsoft may have something but it's not included with the op system.  Nikon's CaptureNX can obviously work with those files. 


Are you after the image that's shot as a .NEF, or are you trying to "cook" that image in LabVIEW?

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well, I do not want to cook the image. I just want to read the NEF image into Labview for analysis. Reading RAW is easy (reading binary file).

Do you have a vi or dll do this?





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thanks for your answer.

My goal is to read a NEF image into Labview. Reading RAW is easy.

Can I hook  up to tools you mentioned with Labview?


Using a converter program to convert NEF to RAW is no option, I must deal with many NEF images in an automatic way.





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yup, just call the converter with system  there are command line hooks! there is apparently even a batch process.

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