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Moving to a now computer.

I have LabVIEW 2020 SP1 It is not supported.

I have lost the install files which NI will not allow me to download.

What are my options? 

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Hi John, what does "I have LabVIEW 2020 SP1 It is not supported." mean? Who is not supporting it?


If you don't have the install files, you can try using NI Package Manager, or contact NI to get the files.

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My version has a valid license but is not active for support.


If I try to download 2021 SP1 I get this message:


Previous versions are available only to customers with an active subscription license or service agreement for this product. Log in to verify your subscription or service agreement is valid.

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Hi John, you should be able to install with NI Package Manager. But, you will have to get in touch with NI if you want the offline installers.

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You can download NI Package Manager, install the required application or toolkit, this also saves a copy of the NI package file locally on the system. You can navigate to NI Package Manager folder to take a copy of the NI package.

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