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Moving live data from inside for loop

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Here is the VI, the sub VI, and the .txt the file is reading. there are 103 points in the .txt file 

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Why is everything (FP and BD) maximised to the screen? Very annoying!

Also please put reasonable default values into the controls before saving (make current values default). All controls are zero at the moment.

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here are the VI's with currect defaults. 

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This is a VI that was created by someone who left the company, I'm not sure if this is helpful but here is his original file.


Also the original txt starts the array at 16, because of this there is an offset set to bring the starting value to zero.


The main problem with his program was that the phase and the frequency were dependent. It is important to separate the the HR and the %systolic and diastolic to mimics certain forms of heart failure. 

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Accepted by kspink

Here one possibility. Modify as needed.

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