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Modifying 1-Tap 10 bits examples

Hi, everyone.

I'm new to Labview and I'm trying to develop an application using the FlexRIO PXIe 7975R with the NI 1483 adapter module. I need to design an application to read data (2048 pixels) from a Sensor Unlimited Linescan camera which is in 2-taps 12bits mode. The Image clock is at 100Mhz and the pixel clock is at 80Mhz.


I've been able to modify the 1-Tap 10 bits frame triggering example to a 2-Taps 12 bits. I'm running into some issues though when a try continuous mode reading instead of couples of frames reading. I think the problem is coming from the DMA FIFO.  Is there a particular way to configure the DMA FIFO given the writing speed in the FPGA side and the reading on the host side?


I also try to send commands to my camera in order to configure it. I understand that it won't be possible to do it with Max and I don't have a third party software that comes with my camera. I will have to use the to send my command. But I have a hard time figuring out how to interact with the vi.


Thank you very much for your help.

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We don't have access to your VI(s), so have no idea what you are doing nor how you are trying to do it.  Have you reached out to the company that makes the Camera and asked if they have suggestions on interfacing their instrument with LabVIEW?  Have you tried asking this question in the Vision-specific Forum (see the Forum list on the first page)?


Bob Schor

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Hi Bob_Schor,

Yes I have reached the compagny they have tested their product with PCIe 1473 and I have access to the command of communicate with the camera.  but I'm using  a FlexRIO ard so I understand that I have to design a VI to communicate with the camera. As I said I was able to acquire data from the camera from the 1 tap 10 bits examples to I modify to a 2 Tap 12 bits. But when I try a continuous reading, the data overlead each other.

Here are the VIs attached. 

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OK.  I'm not a FlexRIO or FPGA guy, but your code will certainly be helpful to the RIO people out there.  Good luck.


Bob Schor

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