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Mobile VI Front Panel Display issue

I am not sure whether I should report this as a big of Mobile Module, so post it here and see if anybody else encounters the same issue. 


When create a mobile VI, if you put a TCP Connection control and String array on the front panel the same time, it won't run. It compiles and deploys all fine, but when you try to run it, it doesn't. And if you put it as a subVI, it will stuck when it is called. 

TCP and String Array.JPG

Guess I am lucky. Just so happened that I needed to put both controls on the front panel and ran it as a subVI. Every time this subVI was called, the whole program stopped. It is a simple subVI call, but maybe it is so simple that it becomes so hard to debug. I started to check if the memory was full, then subVI property, and then put all kinds of breakpoints to debug. Finally, just when I ran out of debugging ideas, I was looking at all the controls on the front panel. Is it possible that one of those controls has some sort of conflicts with others, or the mobile module simply cannot load the type of control(s). So, I took one out at a time.


It took me a whole morning, but that's how I found this bug. I hope after I post it here, it can save your time to debug this type of bugs.  

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Hi MengHuiHanTang,


Thank you for describing the issue in such detail. I was able to duplicate the error you are seeing and I narrowed it down even further to the array of strings being the problem (in other words, the TCP Connection control is not causing the problem). A CAR (251113) has already been filed for this issue and it should be fixed in a future release of LabVIEW. I want to thank you again for bringing this to our attention and alerting the community.

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Hi, Paul, 


This could be another bug of Mobile Module if you can repeat what I did. 


Here is the issue. When I transfer time stamp from PC (time stamp flattened to string) to the palm (then unflattened back to time stamp), the time stamp on the palm is always plus one hour. Don't know if this is a bug or a programming error?







PC Front Panel.JPG

Mobile Front Panel.JPG


Mobile Receive.JPG

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I'm not so sure this is a bug or if it is intended behavior. Either way, you should change the timezone (not the time) on your PDA and that should fix the problem. In your case, try changing the timezone one hour behind (for example, if your computer is in the eastern timezone, change the PDA to central; if the computer is in central, change the PDA to mountain). This should fix the issue.



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