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Missing encoder data


I am trying to hook up a pulse counter to measure RPM.  I have one channel of a quadrature encoder hooked up to a USB cDAQ-9172.  Everything seems to work OK except once every second or so (I'm reading the encoder at 4 hz) read vi returns zero counts.  This is also the case when I use the example counter input VIs from NI. 


I seem to be having the same problem as described in this thread, but I didn't see any solutions.  Unfortunately, I don't have access to a scope.








Thomas Lentzner - CLD
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I solved my own problem.  After I posted this to the forum, I discovered that the CPU usage on the computer that is running this program was at 85% - 100% CPU usage.  I went through and wiped out all the unneeded (several anti-virus, windows messenger, real player(!), ect) software with great prejudice, and now the CPU usage is ~30%. I haven't had any problems since.



Thomas Lentzner - CLD
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