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Missing Express User Libraries

I just installed LabVIEW 2009 Pro and the express user libraries are all missing.  I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling the software, but this hasn't helped the problem.  Are there any known issues with user libraries not installing that I should be aware of?

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By default, the express user libraries are empty (see also).

Do you mean they are completely missing?


Also, after adding items, did you relauch LabVIEW? (See also)



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I'm missing the Express User Library Icon on the Tools Pallette. Search in Tools pallette finds it but the Icon is still gone from high level pallette. Labview 2014 - 64bit. I have closed and re-launched Labview. How do I make this appear?


I going to modify VIs and I have no Icon to navigate to them.




one level down in the menu using search below is what appears




Rich J

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Hi Rich, 

This KnowledgeBase article might be helpful for you. Have you already looked at this?

Where Are the Express User Libraries and Express User Controls Palettes in LabVIEW

Douglas Choisnet
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OK fix my problem with User Library not showing, I change the visible palettes when configuring Tools.



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hey there i'm a beginner at labview and i have the same problem with the user library how did you exectly fix it ?

i have labview 2019 version 

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