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Methor or property for tools>>options

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Not so often... but is it a reason ?
Was just wondering if I was missing something... visibly not. 🙂

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You can request a different method by going to the Idea Exchange but since you admit that it is something that is not often done, I don't see the idea getting much traction but you never know. It doesn't hurt to ask.
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Well, since it's done...

By the way, any idea of how forcing LV to reload its menus ?
For example, I add an item in the LV help directory or projet directory and I'd like it to appear in menus without re-starting LV...

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This is for palette no ?

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That is what you would use to update your function palette when you install new functions with mnu files. If that is not what you mean, then be precise.
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Accepted by topic author Manu56

Some of the options in LV are exposed as properties, like you said.


If you want, there are also VIs in <LabVIEW>\resource\dialog\lvconfig.llb. I never really played with them (and I really don't feel the need), so I don't know if they affect the config immediately, but I think they do at least save to the INI file immediately.


As for updating, there should be refresh methods for both the palletes and the menus in the Application class, depending on your LV version, but the pallete one at least has been there for at least a few years.

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thanks Tst. By the way those kind of things could be a part of the Hidden Gems library.
Regarding the refresh I saw effectively a method to refresh palettes but not menus.

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