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Methor or property for tools>>options

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Just want to change my labVIEW options (tools>>options) through a method or property node and I can't figure where it is...

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Exactly what option do you wish to change?
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Does it matter ? Can't I change any of those LabVIEW options programmatically ?
Let say for example Automatique routing or Automatic cabling.

There's a property node for automatic routing of wires but you have to go under tools>>options if you want your modification to be saved...

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You could just modify the labview.ini file.

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I could... if not better solution...

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Well, thats exactly what the option dialog does. What could be better? 😄

(not sure if there are permission issues...)

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Well, I must be lazy... if something else, like a propety node, can manage the labview.ini file... 😄

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Yep, I know... already done...

But your credo isn't "Do more with less code and in less time " ? 😄 So disappointed... 😉

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How often do you need to change the values in your LabVIEW.ini file that you need to programmatically change them?

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