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Max number of AVI file refs open simultaneously?

I am getting this error when I try to open a bunch of AVI files at the same time:


-1074396001 There are too many AVI sessions open. You must close a session before you can open another one.


I can't find a reference to this limitation anywhere in the Vision literature.  Can someone explain this limitation?


And also explain why it exists?  To me, it sounds like a poorly implemented feature.  I have never seen this behaviour using any other types of files.  IMHO, this should only be limited by the amount of memory. 


I have a very powerful PC, and I want to cache these file references as I open them.  Yes, of course, I know there are workarounds.   But first:  what is the exact limitation here?
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Well, we've got an application with 24 cameras monitoring 24 experiment stations, capturing "events" (5-10 second epochs surrounding a digital event), writing the data as AVI files.  Because of the asynchronous nature of the independent events, I don't know how many AVI files are simultaneously open, but I don't recall a "Too many AVI sessions" error.  I'll have to ask my colleague who's actually collecting the videos ...

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Hi josborne,


I'm currently working on digging in to this, but while I dig, I was curious how many AVI references you were opening?



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Hi joshborne,


After some testing, we have determined that the maximum number of open references that you can have is 31.  I was able to open up 31 references simultaneously without error, but as soon as I try opening up a 32nd reference, I receive the same -1074396001 error.  As I believe you already know, the workaround is to maintain less than 32 references open by closing the references in a timely manner.  If you close an AVI reference before you create a new one, then there should not be an issue.


Hope this helps,

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