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Masking multiple colors using rgb code from array


In this project I want to mask every colour related to a certain height and everything below that height. In the while loop in my block diagram the colour codes aren't updated into the case structure (indicated by 'color 3'). So, 'color 3' updates correctly, however 'color 1' which indicates the masking colour doesn't. The objective is to create a map with every colour blacked out under a certain height (indicated by elevation). Any help would be greatly appreciated. 



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  • We really can't debug truncated pictures. Attach your code and typical data instead.
  • Why are there two stacked while loops instead of a state machine?
  • I cannot find any case structure you mentioned.
  • We cannot see what's in the other events. I doubt you should even use an event structure.
  • Events don't react to value changes of indicators. They are primarily for user interactions of controls.
  • You seems to operate on color planes, so why are you using masking tools?
  • Why is the lower blue shift register even there? The value never changes, so a plain tunnel would work lust fine. 
  • What's up with the coercion dots? Where does the output of the wait go?
  • Why is the outer loop not a FOR loop? You seems to simply iterate over a 2D array.
  • Index array is resizable, so where do you have three instances next to each other?
  • there is a "-1" primitive and that calculation belongs outside the loop (well, the compiler knows what to do, but you should too!)
  • etc. etc. etc.


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