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Losing connection to RT module when using probes

I'm in the process of debugging a VI that is running on a cFP-2220 controller.  If I place more than three probes on the block diagram while the code is running, I lose connection to the controller and cannot redeploy the VI without rebooting.  The same thing happens if I have more than two probes and execution trace turned on.  Anyone seen this before?  I'm at a total loss.



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RT systems definitely don't like being probed, especially the faster your loop is or the more VIs you have running. The RT VIs are meant to be built and run without interaction from the front panel or PC, so that the determinism is not interrupted. The RTs priority is to run your code. Lower priority actions are front panel updates, probing, etc.The feature to probe RT VIs is there, but it is not going to be the same experience as on the PC. Instead of using many probes, try placing indicators where you think you need them temporarily. This way you are not trying to open several connections to the RT by probing. I hope that helps.


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