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Looping a flat structure

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OK so this is what in trying to do ,

on my front panel , I have some pipes , and IM trying to simulate flow threw them , so I've used small pipes in a line from the dsc module , put them into a flat structure with delays on them . And started the flat structure with a switch that releases after pressed , so I hit the switch get a true value all my pipes light up in sequence  , and the switch hasn't latched so I get a false and al the pipes deilluminate in sequence , and all is well in my world ,

until I try to repeat this with out hitting the switch . Trying to pipes go on ,pipes go off  and repeat with out giving a true from the switch

 ahhh .

ive ran out of things to try. Any ideas ,

dose any of that make any scene , IM probably way off track, and better off throwing the lap top in the bin and going the pub !!


thanks for reading

its been emotional



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Accepted by topic author vadajooz

You could use a loop and toggle a boolean value in a shift register or feedback node with each iteration using "invert".


Maybe if you would attach your VI we could give better advice. Your description is a bit confusing. 😉


(What is a "flat structure"? Many structures are flat (while/FOR loops, etc.), . Do you mean "flat sequence"? How do you "start" a structure?)

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Hi ,

yes I meant a flat sequence ,

 I got it to work using the shift register and  a <andnot> function, I couldn't find the invert ,

thank you for the pointers , its a relief to have that sorted

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Hi vadajooz,


well, you found the AND operation? After opening the boolean palette the NOT is the forth function in the first row...



Opening the context help (ctrl-h) and then searching the function palettes will show information for each function Smiley Wink

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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