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Lock Interaction until Labview exe starts

Hi everyone!


Could you give me some advice how can I achieve the following.

How can I disable any user intaction with the pc until a startup Labview application starts? So I would like to force the PC user to use only Labview exe, and if the application exit, the PC shut down. I Put the app into startup folder, and I can turn off the PC from labview, but until my Labview exe is beeing loaded the user can start any application.


Any ideas? Thanks! 

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What about a registry entry like this


This describes the process for Win XP and running the program minimised, but it may give you a start.






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Dear Sebster,


Thanks, Yes, it is a good start. Now I have to disable the user interaction somehow!

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Without having any experience in this stuff:

I would gather information about launching the application as service and how to lock user interaction using user management in Windows.

The first place to start looking would be google and/or Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN).



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