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Location of niSwitch, niPower, etc., vi's, ctl's

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I was recently issued a new PC, and have subsequently installed LabVIEW 2014, LabWindows/CVI 2013, and TestStand 2014. My previous PC had the 2012 versions of these packages installed. One of my previous LabVIEW projects includes VIs that loaded correctly on my previous PC, but run into trouble when I try to load them now. LabVIEW complains that it is unable to find things like: "niSwitch Relay Position.ctl", "niSwitch Error"; I've also seen complaints about vi's with names beginning with "niDCPower". I'm wondering if I'm just missing something from my LabVIEW search path. Where are these vi's and controls located?


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Can you install this and check:

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Those VIs are installed in instr.lib.  If you install the drivers AFTER installing LabVIEW, then the VIs will be put where they belong.

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Accepted by Barry_Wealand

Those are driver components from NI-Switch and NI-DCPower (as others noted).


Typically people install these from the Device Drivers DVD, you can also download them from here:


You also can install the drivers singly (instead of having them bundled in the device drivers disk):



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Many thanks for the assistance. Installation of the drivers has solved this issue.


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