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Loaded runtime but missing visa drivers?

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I created an executeable on one pc and loaded it onto another with just the runtime engine installed.  Now the serial visa's will not work so I am assuming I am missing some visa drivers.  What would the best way to get these loaded, if in fact that is the issue?  The PC is no longer in my possession so I would have to do this by sending files and have the operator manually load them.

I have another PC at the location that does have the drivers.  Is there anyway to copy and paste the required folders or do I need to use an installer?


Thanks in advance.




LV 8.2.1

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You need to install the NI-VISA Runtime Engine on the target machine.  Make sure to install the same version as the NI-VISA installed on your development machine.



P.S.  Best way to handle this is to create an installer that installs the .exe, LV Runtime Engine, NI-VISA Runtime Engine and any other supporting software.

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you also have to install the VISA RunTime Engine.



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Thanks for the feedback. I am using OS WinXP and for the life of me cannot find a VISA Runtime engine in  the download section.  Can someone please point me in the right direction for a VISA Runtime engine for LabVIEW 8.2.1. 


Sorry for the noob questions.

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It's on your pc but you should be able to find all versions of the runtime here.


In your project, right click on Build specifications and select New>Installer. Follow the instructions in the help. The VISA runtime is included when you go to the Additional Installers category and click the NI-VISA runtime box.

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Dennis,  Thanks for the link it worked well.  For some reason I have difficulty finding drivers on the site. Thanks again.
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