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Link between Unity3D and labview/DAQexpress

Bonjour, je cherche à savoir comment récupérer les données d'un port série détecter  par le logiciel DAQ express pour ensuite les utilisés sur Unity.

J'utilise un chassis 9174 pour récupérer les données et ce dispositif est reconnu sur mon ordinateur uniquement lorsque j'installe le logiciel DAQ express. Je souhaiterai pouvoir récupérer ces données pour pouvoir les utiliser sur Unity mais je n'ai pas trouvé de code C# me permettant cela. Si quelqu'un  déjà eu ce problème merci de m'en faire part


Hello, I am trying to find out how to recover the data from a serial port detected by the DAQ express software and then use them on Unity.

I am using a 9174 chassis to retrieve the data and this device is recognized on my computer only when I install the DAQ express software. I would like to be able to retrieve this data so that I can use it on Unity but I haven't found any C # code that allows me to do this. If anyone has already had this problem please let me know

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I would think using a TCP/IP connection would be closer, rather than DAQ hardware.  Where is Unity running?

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Thanks for your answer. Unity is running on the local disk of my Pc 

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This is a LabVIEW forum.  You can certainly write LabVIEW code to collect the data from a serial port, and you can certainly write LabVIEW to communicate with other devices and applications over TCP/IP.  Are you using LabVIEW or C#?

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The 9174 is a cDAQ chassis. In order to access it you need the NI DAQmx driver installed on your computer. DAQmx has an extensive API including a .Net interface to access it. While I have no experience with Unity3D at all in any form, it seems to be a .Net environment so you should be able to access the .Net version of the DAQmx API from it, unless Unity3D does some weird .Net Vodoo of its own that makes it work very different to standard .Net under Windows.


DAQExpress software comes with the DAQmx drivers as it is build around them, but if you just install DAQmx drivers itself and ensure to install the .Net and C# support that comes with it you should be able to experiment. It is of course C# text programming, not just point and click play.


Rolf Kalbermatter
Averna BV
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