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Left click on a button in frontpanel

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Can anyone suggest how to use event structure to make a left click on a boolean control ( or BUTTON) using MOUSE DOWN? event....

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Accepted by topic author kimhyun

Hello kimhyun

You can use "Button" field to determine which mouse button was clicked on "Mouse Down?" event. See the attachment.

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Why do you want to capture the left button mouse down event on the boolean control?  The Boolean that you are clicking on generates a value changed event when you left click it!



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Actually after completion of an event, the control has to automatically clicked in order to enter another value change event by that control.

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Thank you PiDi, But the version i am using is 8.5. So i can't access the VI that you have posted. Can u plz send me the screenshot of that VI.

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You can return the control to its original state by writing to the value property before he code run by this event completes ready for the next one



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Control with a latching mechanical action cannot use value property.....

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You didn't say your Boolean was latched.  Does it need to be latched.  Convert it to switched and the property node can be used to revert the Boolean back to off in the event so it behaves just like a latch.  Not sure what you are trying to achieve that is extra to normal Boolean in an event structure behavior.  Can you post code (.vi not .zip) or code snippet that illustrates your problem.



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