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Lame ActiveX question?


I am trying to make some Matlab 6.1 files to run from LabView 5.1. As far as
I understood, I need Matlab to be an ActiveX automation server, and to
Matlab.Application from the controller program - LabView in this case. The
problem is that when I am trying to use the ActiveX container, I can find
anything like this there. What should I do?

I don't know almost anything about ActiveX, so if I miss the basics, just
tell me to RTFM.

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Hi Victor,
- first, take a look in your activeX LV examples (those with word and Excel) in order to see how it works (generally speaking think of activeX as an object with properties and methods - invoking methods or setting properties, you can manage the behavior of this object)
- second, use aX refenum instead of aX container (this one is for aX controls)
- third, be sure that Matlab is properly installed on your computer

Let us know if you need help.

p.s.: have this link for Matlab external interfaces []
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