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Labview serial communication with RS 232



I am new to LabVIEW and wanted to know how to get started with serial communication. I have a usb-serial adapter which shows up as a COM port. I want to send custom pulses through the COM port and read in pulses in response not using any known protocall. Is this possible using LabVIEW, or will I have to create a separate program to do this?

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If you are trying to make a cheap DIO, you would have better luck with a parallel port.  A serial port that you are likely to buy uses a UART chip, which is a specific protocol for sending bytes between periferals.  Or am I completely misunderstanding what you are trying to do?

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There are plenty of examples in labview to show how to use the serial port.  In labview go to help/find examples and search serial or visa.  Also if youre trying to send pulses you can set the state of the DTR and RTS lines. The links below should help get you started.

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