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Labview libtiff implementation


Thanks for your ample advice!

And with your advice,I recalled the details of libtiff3.lvlib and thougth MAYBE Nico developed the library without using Import Library Wizard, and writing every VI with seperate  Call Library Nodes to call every target functions in DLL, and configured the datatype in each Call Library Node for each function.


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I haven't looked at the library in detail. IMHO, the Import Library Wizard is not that useful. Most people who use it, shouldn't because they can't possible review the result and live in the mistaken state of mind that since it doesn't crash right away, everything must be peachy, and those who could review the result of the Import Library Wizard properly usually go the path of doing pretty much everything from start anyway.


Aside that the Wizard despite its name can't do magic, I also don't like the generic icons it generates and the somewhat clunky error handling it defaults too.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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Yes, your comments are right to the point, i have regenerated a libtiff.dll, and after checking the datatypes of several functions of dll, i decided to take a crack at the Import Library Wizard, but it takes me a tedious long time, not finished yet, sitting and see what it can provide for me.

If the results were unsatisfactory, i should tried to configure each Call Library Node for VI.

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@rolfk wrote:

I haven't looked at the library in detail. IMHO, the Import Library Wizard is not that useful.

Oh, it depends. Last year I've used it twice for two third-party libs, both around 100 exported functions. It saves for me huge amount of time. This wizard is not suitable for every library, that is true. Sometimes its really more amount of work to review and fix everything, rather to make SubVIs from the scratch "manually". But if it "almost" working, then its more easily to use it iterative, check the log, slightly fix the header (mostly unknown types) and perform conversion again and again until all functions converted. The icons not perfect, but acceptable.

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hi, guys

I want to record a video in multipage tiff format. Then I don't know the "totalpages" parameter. How to handle this situation? 



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