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Labview exits automatically after a call library function node is called


I'm trying to call a few external API's (provided with decent documentation by an external vendor) from LabView. I dont have much experience with this, but the procedure to do this seems very well documented. I refered the manual at this location

However, I see that after passing parameters to just one node, LabView seems to exit automatically. This is a basic node which opens the API's before any other node is called and should have nothing to do with LabView shutting down automatically. I dont get any error etc. and hence it becomes difficult to debug because of the shutdown. Is this something common to Call Library Node Interfaces? Please help.

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You asked: "Is this something common to Call Library Node Interfaces?"... Not really. Typically the problem is with the way the Call Library Node has been set up, such as the calling method, or the way parameters are configured, such as datatype, and passing method. Without more detailed information, there's not much more that can be said. I would suggest opening up the Example Finder and doing a search for "DLL". There's an excellent example that shows you how to call DLLs using a variety of parameters.

One other thought: Have you verified that this API works within another environment, like C? The reason I ask, is that maybe it's the API that's crashing and causing LabVIEW to quit.
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(2,250 Views) for the search, I closely followed the example for DLL. Secondly, I havent tested the API under the C environment...not much experience in that sector, but I will have someone do it for me right away.

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