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Labview driven USB Label printer

LabView USB driver for Zebra TLP 2844.


Thank you

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Hey Brian,


could you send me a Brother P-TOUCH template that works with your code?



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Hi All,


Have a Citizen iDP 3550 Dot Matrix printer -- use System to and .bat files -- use LPT > COM3 METHOD, to Print labels to it.  -- can send the code serial port


Question: Now have USB CT-S310II, HAVE TO WRITE labels to this using LabVIEW?  Can you send me the USB driver you talk about in the forum?



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I tried to use the example and I must have missed something, I get an error for all of the functions not supported in current target.  I am fairly new to this, is there something I am missing?

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Hi Brian and all, how can we control the print quantity and let it cut at last label? BROTHER PT-9600
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Hi JB,


Could you share your Citizen drivers also? We have a couple Citizen printers (cl-s321 and cl-s300) and we need to send several commands for printer status and label printing.


Your help would be very much appreciated.

My email is


Thank you in advance,


Best regards.

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Hi everyone, please i need to generate a raster data from text and print it to file. for me to be able to use with brother printer p750w on labview. i got to know from the software manual that the printing is done using a raster data...please anyone who can help with a sample program in labview to either print "abcd" or "1234"  or "A+B-G=H". on a brother printer PT-P750W......thanks in advance.

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Look into the Report Generation Toolkit or review this method -

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Dear sir,

I need the driver for serial and usb to communicate to citizen printer. Kindly help me.

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I am using this to print sticker from Brother QL-800 model when i run this code with P-Touch template it gives me error The server threw an Brother Print Label

and when i monitor this code it gives me false on each invoke node,

and printer is working properly when i print the same template from P-Touch editor 5.2.

Please help me to find out the solution for this printer

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