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Labview dll, llb driver distribution question?

Could someone help me out in clarifying a newby's confusion concerning this process?
I have a 3rd parties instrument driver which was written in LabWindows/CVI. I've taken this driver and converted it to a LabView driver using the tools in the latest version(s) of LabView(7.0, 7.1). This created a llb. I think it created a 'wrapper?' around the original code? I've used the functions of this driver to create my own VI's. I now want to distribute these as an application (TestStand 3.1) that I have rewritten to my target machines. It all works on the development machine. Do I need to create a dll using LabView tools for my VI's and the driver or will this be done for me when I use the TestStand application builder?
sorry so wordy. Thanks in advance.
Now Using LabVIEW 2019SP1 and TestStand 2019
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When you add the sequence to your workspace and deploy it, it will look for the VIs that are being called from TestStand and the sub-VIs that are being called from those VIs and add them to your deployment. This is one of the great things about TestStand's integration with LabVIEW is that additional steps are not required. Please feel free to post any other questions you may have as you learn more about TestStand and the deployment process. Have a good one.

Adam B.
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National Instruments
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