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Labview code to read Lightfield (Princeton Instruments/ eledyne) SPE files

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Has anyone delveloped Labview code to read the header, footer, & data from SPE files created by Lighfield software (camera/spectrometer) ?  If so, would appreciate to share.  

Gretchen Zimmer

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I have resolved my own issue!  The vendor provides VIs to read the data portion of the SPE file, and also the footer / XML section, albeit not directly ( a subvi ).  And I have determined I don't need the binary header, because the footer contains all the attirbutes of the experiment that is needed.

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Please provide a link to the VIs and mark that post as the solution to close the thread.

Soliton Technologies

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Turns out, the SPE footer is in XML format.  The routine to read the footer is available amoungst the sample VIs provided by the vendor with the install of Lightfield.

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