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Labview Web service data compression

I have created a web page to graph the data from tdms files hosted on a remote system.  The system is working great, except for slow loading time of the page when requesting large sets of data to graph.  I am looking for a way to compress the data before it it sent over or keep the data if possible as binary instead of JSON text.


One idea was to replace the JSON encoder with something like JSONH.  Has anyone tried this or have an idea how to try to use JSONH?

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Are you looking to build all of this functionality (server and client side) in LabVIEW or are you only using LabVIEW to handle the final graphing of the data? JSONH or something like UBJSON looks like it may be along the lines of what you are wanting (faster data transfer) but I am not sure how to go about implementing that at a lower level.

Alex W.
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