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Labview Web Browser

hello guys ...

I want to use the web browser of Labview (web browser Block) to open and display a website. I use the "ActiveX Event" example of Labview. but the web pages don't display correctly (menu bars, Fonts, ... don't display correctly actually) and every time I received Script Error. ( I think it related to Js scripts and must be enabled )

Is there any solution to solve this problem ?


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You are using VIs that are probably using internally the Windows ActiveX Web Viewer class. That is a very old implementation that in fact only implements an old version of Internet Explorer. The Web has since moved on and that old Internet Explorer engine can not properly render modern web sites.

Rolf Kalbermatter
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I use this and have been able to load things like web exports from game engine development suites

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Gradatim Ferociter
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