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Labview Ubidots

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hello, im dandi. i have trouble, i want to get 2 or more value from ubidot to labview, i have done following step from this site
and it's work, but it's just tutorial how to get 1 value from ubidots, and i can not get two or more value from more variable.
so, my question is how to get 2 or 3 value from more variable, i hope you anybody can solve it, sory if my english is not good, please help me, thanks


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Hi dandi,


i can not get two or more value from more variable.

The example explains you need to provide an ID for each variable. Did you try this?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO
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You haven't given us anything to show what you've done in LabVIEW and how it doesn't work.


And what is Ubidots?  The link you gave us talks about how it communicates with LabVIEW, but doesn't say anything about what it actually is.

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I quickly read the title and thought I found something like "LabVIEW Proverbs", except about less-than-intelligent LabVIEW programmers.  I am disappoint.

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Accepted by RavensFan

See for more examples of LabVIEW + Ubidots that include real-time interaction and of how to GET data using the Ubidots' variable API label (not the ID), which should make it easier:



To get more variables just copy and paste the code more times but changing the URL of the variable you wish to read. See here the API docs to get values.

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ok i will try this one

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i will try it

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it's work very well, thanks you very much.

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Then you should mark the message that actually gave you the solution as the solution and not your own thank you message.  Go to the options menu to the upper right of your message to unmark it as the solution.

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Can you please mark my previous message as the actual solution.

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