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Labview Project Creation

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Hi all,


I have been tasked with the creation of a basic gas distribution system using labview. I know that I need to create a periodic IO server, shared variables, and a few VI's (operator VI, maint VI etc). Not sure what controls are required though and how to start.


Would appreciate any help. 



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mmm, with all respect Dave, but this does not say anything.  We don't know what you're supposed to do.  I would suggest to go a little bit more in detail and ask specific questions.

Kind regards,

- Bjorn -

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Accepted by topic author Dave1979



The way to start any project (at least any project which is going to take more than about 15 minutes) is to go through a deliberate and thorough design process.


Start with establishing the specifications which the program/system must meet.  Define inputs, outputs, functions/processes, special requirements like timing, regulatory limits, safety issues, and what (and who) determines success. Then design the program.  Task lists, flow carts, state charts, and other documents can be very useful.


This is top-down design.


Sometimes bottom up is also important.  Here you may make little test programs or part which may later become subVIs to determine how things actually work in the real world or to demonstrate some feature.  Trial GUIs are often helpful if the end users have not been exposed to programs like this before.


Last, write the program.



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Thanks Lynn,


Appreciate your help,



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