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Labview DSC and OPC Servers

Does NI Labview 2013 (Student Package) or NI Labview 2012 (Academic Softwar) ... includes ,

NI Labview full development System and Labview DSC

... and ...

NI OPC servers


 or i have to purchase them separately from NI?

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Hi UmarTayyab,


for what I know the DSC needs Base, Full, or Professional Development System, so it works with eigther. The OPC server install itself by getting the DSC and if you have the activation license, the OPC is going to be working fine, if not, the evaluation is for only 2 hours. 


Now about the Student version, if the University get the NI Academic Site version, it have everithing but if you only get LabVIEW for students, it comes by itself and you must purchase the modules and toolkits separately.


Hope it helps. 



Here are some links that might help you a little more:



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Thanks allot Luis

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