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Labview 8 Installer Build Questions

I created a very simple counting VI-  while loop index driving numeric display and STOP button.  Created an installer, following Labview instructions and examples.  Included only the run-time engine.  The resulting installer is 65MB.  It is so much bigger than expected that I haven't bothered testing it.  What am I doing wrong to create such a large installer?  Is this typical for Labview 8?

Under 7.1, the total size of the installed with serial port support was around 8MB.   Why is Labview 8 so much larger?

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi Dan

Have a look at this thread:

I also found some strange things using the LV8.0 installer builder the first time, but now I like it really.


Using LV8.0
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What you are seeing is correct. In previous versions of LV prior to 8.0 you had to install the run-time engine seperately so your installers only included the executable built for the program, hence the small size. Now that we have an app builder that can install other installers as well, the size of those installers is included in the size. The run-time engine for 8.0 is around 70MB from what I remember. That is why the file is so large. This is actually a bonus to many people, because in the past they had to create their own batch files to install things such as the run-time engine along with the program. Now this can all be intigrated!! Hope that sheds a little light on things 🙂

Tyler H.

National Instruments

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