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Labview 8 Application Builder and VISA Runtime Engine


I am using Labview 8 Application Builder and everything is working fine except for 1 small thing. My program makes use of some of the VISA functions and when I build the application I'm having to include the VISA Runtime Engine Installer as a separate item on the CD to make the .exe file work.

What I would ideally like is for people who want to use the application to run the installer and that all necessary components (including the VISA Runtime Engine) are also installed in the one installation. At the moment they're having to do 2 installations and I would like to streamline this.

Is this possible?

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Hi Ken,

You only have to check the NI-VISA runtime x.x box within the "Additional Installers" entry of the Installer setup!



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  this How-To explains about making those selections and including the different drivers :
and this tutorial covers the screenshots a little more step by step.
Hope that helps
Sacha Emery
National Instruments (UK)
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