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Labview 2011 crashes at error 404

Test rig monitors and saves data from analog sensors, Recently it has started to crash at apparently random intervals ( has run for years before recent incidents). Only message on event veiwer is Labview error 404 at time of crash. S/W crashed up to 5 times/day. However, didn't crash overnight or weekend (running 24hr/day). Now it has run 1.5 day without incident,

copy of test rig vi attached.


Labview version:  2011.

PC: HP Compaq

OS: Windows XP

DAQ chassis: SCXI 1000

Comms: PCI-MIO-16XE-50

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Unlike gears, software doesn't wear out. If it suddenly stops working something has changed. What has changed? What only happens during normal business hours?


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If it is only crashing during business hours, is there some event or process that is occuring every time the program crashes?


Also, is this generating a LabVIEW crash report?

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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I thought it might be due to some background IT maintenance task. I don't have admin rights so awaiting our IT to confirm. Oddly, the rig has now run for 2.5 days without incident. Last week was plagued by failures (5 or more /day). How do you generate a Labview crash report? The only errors I have noted are those in the event viewer log, Labview error 404 appearing at exact time of failure.

This is only a recent mode of failure, rig has run for years without incident. There have been no changes or updates to any of the rig s/w or the PC. The PC is only used for this test rig and nothing else.

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If LabVIEW crashes and prompts you with the option to send the information to National Instruments you can select yes and it will send us some information then generate a zip file that contains some information about the crash.


Sometimes it generates a report but doesn't tell you and will save it in a default directory.  The link below should explain where the error logs are stored if you have any.

Matt J | National Instruments | CLA
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