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LabView starting slowly when connected to the net under Windows 7 or 10

Hello anybody.

I am using in the lab and at home LabView 2012 under Windows XP, W7 and W10 on different machines. On 2 PCs of the same brand (ACER) running W7 now ugraded to W10 the starting time of LabView is very slow (about 2 minutes) when the PC is connected to he internet; also the LED indicating Net traffic is heavily flashing. When deactivating the net-connection or pull out the ethernet cable the start is fast. On my home notebook under Win10 this does not happen.


I suspect that Windows 7 or 10 observe some settings (in the registry?) for LabView that demand some checks via internet if the connection allows these checks. The software is activated at NI.


Does anybody know whether in LabView or MAX there is a setting for preferences concerning the start of LabView. Or else whether in Windows e.g. the registry some settings cause such checks. After the start whether slow or fast, Labview works properly in both cases.


In the Forums I have not found a similar case.


Many thanks for suggestions.


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Hi squid,


did you read this thread - or are you related to this other user?

Best regards,

using LV2016/2019/2021 on Win10/11+cRIO, TestStand2016/2019
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I echo what I posted in the thread that GerdW linked to - your issue is most likely related to trying to connect to a Volume License Manager server on a local network and that server not being available (e.g. because you're on a different network).



1) Start LabVIEW with the network disconnected

2) Remove the VLM server from license manager (if no longer available)

3) Create a disconnected license instead of using VLM to license your LabVIEW on each launch

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Hi Sam

thank you for your comment. I think it touches the right trace of my problem. But I do not use a Volume License manager and

work with only 3 set-ups. So I do not see why at all the Win10/7 machines should start checking something on the net. Maybe

that I have not set up the small home net between the 3 PCs (2 Win10 and one XP) properly.

What could be the reason that the W10 PC starts checking on the net while on my home computer under W10 this does not happen?


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