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LabView screen bugs running dual monitor display on thin client

We are running an operator station program that is partially made up of LabView displays (LabView 2010, not sure of any other additional version numbers but will keep looking).  The stations are run off a Dell WYSE R10L thin client and the monitors are Dell P2414H.  Previously we were running two thin clients with a monitor for each, but recently we switched to run a dual monitor display off one thin client.  


Since then, we get some weird bugs on some of the LabView displays.  On the 2nd monitor, sometimes it will turn all yellow, before partially loading the screen.  Other times when selecting a drop down both screens will flicker white/grey/black for about 30 seconds.  Every time these things happen, the screens only partially reload.  The workaround we've found is to minimize and then maximize the window, and everything reloads properly.  This only happens with the LabView displays.  We do have another type of display used in this system (not as good in everyone's opinion) but we don't have any problems with those.


I've tried an assortment of different cables and adapters, VGA, DVI-I, DVI-D, DisplayPort, etc. etc. and different setups on the thin clients with color selections, etc.  Everything I can think to try.  I've tried contacting Dell and they were of no assistance, and it doesn't seem to be an issue with the hardware.  When only running one monitor, we have no problems, and the bugs we do have are only on a select few LabView displays.


Unfortunately I'm not a programmer so I don't know how to get too deep into the background, but if someone has any ideas on what's going on, I can run it past my programmers and see what they can do.  Any thoughts are appreciated.



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not hardware but probably a videodriver issue, so DELL should wake up or update that one.

greetings from the Netherlands
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