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LabView for Embedded Systems

Hi all.
I intend to develop an Embedded System, based on an ARM9 MCU, and I´ve been wondering if LabView could be used to create stand alone applications to run on such a system.
I can use Windows CE, or Linux on my system, but I prefer Linux.
Can I develop applications directly on LabView for Linux?
What minimal resources would be needed to run an average LabView application on such a system, like memory capacity, minimal MCU clock speed, etc?
I´ll apretiate any comments, since I have no ideia about what can be done with LabView out
of the PC universe.
Thanks alot.
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You can run LV EXEs (not the development environment) on CE if you buy the LV PDA module. Note that applications built using this lack features regular LV applications have.
I remember some threads dealing with the minimum necessary to run LV on linux. If I remember correctly, the basic idea is there are a few official linux versions supported and that anything outside those you will have to experiment on your own. Here's one example. You can try looking for more.
If you want, official requirements can probably be found in the main LV linux page (whereever that is).

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