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LabView crashes when closing subVI

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Good morning everyone, I am making a test VI to get familiar with LabVIEW, specifically I have a VI (Main) that calls with an asynchronous call a subVI, with the call and forget method. However, I have this problem: in case I interrupt (via the appropriate stop button, and thus following the event, which by running the subVI alone works without problems) one of the subVIs I have launched, I get this error that I cannot identify and LabVIEW crashes completely.
Having said that the VI is not yet complete and therefore there are many things to fix, especially in the main, why do I get this error? I rechecked everything but I just don't understand. Thanks in advance, I'll leave below the zipper with the error that is returned and the code, in case you want to examine it better.

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Yes, can reproduce your issue on LabVIEW 2024Q1.

Seems to be kind of internal race condition on deallocation.

Quick and dirty — one second delay can eliminate this (at decrease probability of failure occurrence), may be together with VISA Close.


Screenshot 2024-05-15 13.02.10.png

With VISA and serial in the past I've got two "similar" mysterious troubles — one was using VISA functions inside of Timed Loop, and another one — weird race condition between VISA and Network Stream, lead to crash in LabVIEW Runtime (was hard to found, because occurred sporadically). There is no recipe to fix, just workaround (in my particular cases removed Timed Loop and added Semaphore) and report to NI with hope that this gets fixed in next release.

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Maybe not the finest solution, but did the job perfectly. 
I added a 100ms wait in the write section of MHL and seems to solve the problem.

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