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LabView 7.1 and MATLAB 7

I am having a similar problem with LabVIEW 8.0 and MATLAB 7.0.4. The examples included in LabVIEW give me error 1047 and I can't run my own code either. Anyone knows how to fix this with LabVIEW 8?
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       Actually we are facing the same problem initially after installing the LV8, but the problem is that the script you have written in the LV and MATLAB are not matching there will be a mess of variables, which you have written, and it says that it couldnt take the data into your script of LV from the original script or either it could not connect to the MATLAB, it is a necessary that while you are running a MATLAB script in the LV, your MATLAB script must remain open.



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I appear to be having the same problem as others on this thread.  I have Labwindows CVI 7.0, runtime engine updated to 8, on a Windows XP laptop.  I have Matlab version 7 installed.  When I try to run the Matlab demo that came with the Labwindows CVI install, ït compiles fine.  However, when I click on the button to "launch Matlab" I receive an error "Interface Not Supported".  I have carefully followed instructions, to the best of my ability, as described in NI Knowledge Base documents
3NDGH1K7, 2VNDLL65Z, and 300A6NDT.  This includes recompiling the ActiveX controller, changing program lines in the Matlab Demo, etc, but I'm still not able to make the demo program work.

Other than that my MatLab and my Labwindows CVI are happily installed and work fine independently.  I figure if I can get the demo to run, then I can achieve my goal, which is to call MatLab scripts from inside of Labview.

I would appreciate any advise on this.

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