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I am making an application and my client requested to create shortcuts for buttons, now there ask is to create same shortcuts for two different buttons. Example they want F2 shortcut for login button, but they also want F2 shortcut for an add button which is on another tab. Now I searched on internet for solving this issue but through Key navigation I can create only one shortcut for one button than I tried to explore and try if I can achieve it using event structure but there also, I could not find anything which I can use and get it done. Now I thought may its programmatically not possible but that also is not the case because my client already has an existing software (LabVIEW) in which this feature is there. My last hope is NI forum.

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Here is an example technique to do it

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Please use a reasonable subject for your questions. I can guarantee that every single post here is about LabVIEW, so a subject of "LabVIEW" has zero information about your problem and most will probably not even look at it.


It would seem easier to redefine the key bindings as a function of tab state using a small helper loop, independent of the main code. (It seems redefining the key binding automatically removes the old binding).





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