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LabVIEW script

Dear All

I am Srikanth Vuppala, working on Gas separations using membranes. In my work I am using LabVIEW 2018, I need help regarding VI - if scripts available. 


For pressure transducer (precision Fluid controls) 0 to 2.5 bar (down stream) and 0 to 40 bar (up stream) for these two pressure transducers I am using Pixsys ATR 142 sensors to record the data. For the acquisition of data in LabVIEW 2018 I need the VI script if available. 

I request to you if someone has these VIs. 


Thanks and Regards 

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According to the manual for these pressure transducers, they can be controlled through a serial interface.  Any competent LabVIEW Developer should be able to program such an interface and develop a LabVIEW routine that would meet your specifications.  If your company already has a LabVIEW license, then they probably have (somewhere) LabVIEW developers who could handle this task for you.


Bob Schor

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